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GetMyMachine caters to every possible requirement related to import of capital machinery.
Array of independent and neutral CHA’s who are Specialist Gateway Logistics Service Providers to handle all aspects of importation, exportation, gateway customs clearance, compliance, warehousing, break bulk and onward delivery

Collecting Consignments- Our service can begin at point of origin anywhere in the world; end-to-end services include break-bulk, warehousing and onward final mile delivery for convenience
Return shipment handling with efficient Reverse Logistics
Competitive Distribution Rateswith independent consultation advice from industry experts
Zero Competitionwith freight forwarders and we don’t control traffic routing; instead GetMyMachine offers partnership and expertise, and our gateway customs solution can benefit any logistics chain
Extensive Range of Services-Routine shipment and Home consumption (Duty paid); In-Bond/ Ex-Bond shipment; DEPB/ EPCG/ DFCEC/ Advance License Shipments; 100% EOU/ STPI/ SEZ/ TP for ships spare-parts/ R&D Certificate/ Pass Book Scheme; Project Import clearance; Direct Delivery for Perishable & Specific Cargo; Re-import after Repairs/ Exhibition; Third country export clearance; High seas sale shipment clearance; ATA carnet clearance; Second hand capital goods; Free-of-charges shipments; Courier clearance; Gateway clearance through all ports; Bespoke reporting information at our clients’ fingertips; Fully tracked automatic payment system for all types of DDU and DDP consignments